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Evolution Running LogoHosting Evolution Running Clinics

Evolution Running holds clinics in the Washington D.C. area and throughout the United States on a regular basis.  See our calendar at www.EvolutionRunning.com.  We would also love to come to your town and provide services to your running club, training group, health club.  Working with Evolution Running provides your group with a valuable member benefit, revenue, increased membership and greater public awareness of your group.

As professional coaches, we value our prospective customers and territories and we understand that other professional coaches do as well.  We frequently provide clinics and lectured for coaches who are competitors.  In these instances, we teach about running technique and promote the coaching service of the host coach, not our own coaching service.  If a coach hosts an Evolution Running clinic, that coach has the exclusive for promoting coaching at that event.  We are very careful not to step on toes in this area.  We never become competitors of our hosts.


An Evolution Running clinic requires a classroom with comfortable seating for the participants, a wall or screen, and electricity for our PowerPoint presentation.  We also need a flat stretch of road, trail, parking lot or sidewalk, track, or gym floor suitable for practicing running the techniques.  Optimally, an indoor or covered running space will be available in case of rain.


The host organization will carry the primary responsibility for local marketing, but Evolution Running will list your event on our website event schedule, mention it on our message board, and contact athletes on our clinic notification list and athletes who have purchased books or videos in your region.


Well marketed Evolution Running clinics generally attract 30 to 55 participants.

Every clinic will include a booklet of materials about Evolution Running techniques and participants will have email access to certified Evolution Running coaches for brief follow up instruction.  We offer several different types of clinic.


We provide a short lecture describing the basics of Evolution Running techniques. 

1-Day Clinic without Video Analysis ($125 per participant)
Our basic Evolution Running clinic lasts three to four hour based on the number of participants.  After a quick introduction to the value of correct running technique, a series of short lectures followed by hands-on instruction with supervised running and drills.  The running generally consists of 20-30 yard repetitions at an easy pace with full recovery and is in no way a workout.  Our clinics are appropriate for out of condition or beginner runners as well as elites. 

1-Day Clinic with Video Analysis ($149 per participant)
Video analysis dramatically improves the learning curve as runners incorporate new techniques into their stride.  This clinic includes video analysis of each participant both before and after the clinic.

2-Day Clinic includes video analysis ($279 per participant)
Our 2-day clinics feature a much greater degree of hands-on learning.  Video analysis will be included throughout the clinic, with analysis of each aspect of technique, rather than only before and after.  More repetitions of supervised drilling and running will provide a jump start for motor learning of the new skills and more teaching methods will be employed. 


Evolution Running offers two payment methods for providing a clinic at your site.  Our flat rate charges are listed below.  We also offer a profit sharing program which reduces your risk and provides further incentive for Evolution Running to market your event more aggressively.  This program offers a 50/50 profit share after expenses, but we do require a minimum number of pre-registered participants, based on travel requirements.  Contact Evolution Running for details.

Flat Rate

2 Hour Lecture - $600 plus expenses

1-Day Clinic without Video Analysis - $1000 plus expenses

1-Day Clinic with Video Analysis - $1200 plus expenses

2 1-Day Clinics on the same day = $1600

2-Day Clinic or Lecture / Clinic Combination - $1500 plus expenses

Profit Sharing

This program teams up a local host with Evolution Running as business partners.  We do require a minimum number of pre-registered participants to make sure adequate revenue is generated, but profit is split evenly after expenses.  With a successful marketing program, this can generate significant revenue without risk to the host.

How To Make the Most From Hosting Evolution Running Clinics

Different individuals and groups have different reasons for hosting Evolution Running.  A group of training partners may host a clinic to get a lot of individual attention and learn better running techniques.  Businesses and clubs may have additional reasons for hosting a clinic.

Businesses, such as the following, frequently host Evolution Running clinics:

  • Coaching businesses
  • Sports Medicine providers (orthopedists, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists)
  • Running or Triathlon Clubs
  • Endurance Sports Retailers (running stores, bike shops, nutrition stores)

An Evolution Running clinic is an excellent education opportunity for your members or customers and might be a useful tool to grow your club or business.  Offering an Evolution Running clinic will attract prospects who might not respond to specific marketing for your club or business. 

Defining your specific goals for hosting the clinic well in advance will enable us to provide what you are looking for.

While the responsibility for local marketing will generally fall on the host, Evolution Running will provide guidance about what has been effective previously.  The event will be announced nationally and included in all Evolution Running marketing efforts.

Lean for a Lifetime LogoHosting Lean for a Lifetime

Weight loss has become a national obsession.  Almost every person who participates in any form of regular exercise is motivated, at least in part, by the desire to get and stay lean.  The multi-billion-dollar weight loss industry is, on the whole, a failure.  The average weight regain after completing a commercial weight loss program is approximately 120% of the weight lost.

About the Program

Lean for a Lifetime is a program designed by our Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist, Ken Mierke, author of Lean for a Lifetime: an Athlete’s Guide to Losing the Last Ten Pounds (due out in 2007).  The program teaches participants how to:

  • Eat to fuel the muscle cells but not the fat cells
  • Manage hunger and satiety through:
  • Core body temperature
  • Blood sugar
  • Volume in the stomach
  • Weight of food in the stomach
  • Blood acidity
  • Train the body to burn more fat
  • Train the body to preferentially store calories as    carbohydrate instead of fat
  • Manage food cravings
  • Reframe thinking about leanness and deprivation
  • Cook healthy foods that taste good
  • Buy the right foods at the store

Benefits of Hosting Lean for a Lifetime

  • Revenue: Hosting a Lean for a Lifetime program is an excellent way to generate revenue.  Even only 30 participants registered will generate $4,470.
  • New Customers: Lean for a Lifetime is also excellent marketing for the host organization.  Our marketing efforts outside your organization will generate additional members.
  • Customer Retention: Clients who get better results with their fitness and nutrition programs are more likely to stay with your organization.
  • Credibility and Differentiation: Affiliation with a nationally known and respected organization like Lean for a Lifetime brings credibility to an organization.  Hosting Lean for a Lifetime is an excellent way to differentiate your organization from your competitors.  Lean for a Lifetime participants achieve astounding results and much of that success will be attributed to the host organization.

Lean for a Lifetime Single Day Seminars

Our program developers will provide eight forty-five minute presentations covering a variety of topics:

  • Introduction: Why active people need different strategies for bodyfat reduction
  • Eating to feed your muscle cells, but not your fat cells
  • Exercise: Naturally Changing Your Body Chemistry (Aerobic and Strength)
  • Self-Talk, Reframing, and Motivation
  • Managing Hunger and Satiety
  • Efficacy and Bodyfat Reduction
  • Eating Out and Cooking
  • Keeping it off

The seminar costs only $149 per participant.


Lean for a Lifetime offers two methods of payment.  Program developer Ken Mierke and a certified Lean for a Lifetime Instructor will provide a seminar for a flat rate of $1,600 plus expenses or we can split profit 50/50 after expenses.  The first option provides the greatest revenue; the second reduces the risk.

The host organization bears the primary responsibility for local marketing and Lean for a Lifetime provides national marketing.

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