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Fitness Concepts has tremendous resources available to our clients.  Our testing and training centers in two states are equipped modern, high-tech equipment including treadmills, Computrainers, metabolic testing equipment, altitude chambers, a hyperbaric chamber, PowerCranks, a Vasa trainer, a Powerlung, and hyperoxic training equipment.  Our vast network of business contacts provides discounts on a wide variety of services, equipment and supplies.  We have many items available for loan, including altitude chambers, aero bike helmets, weight vests, hip fins, race wheels, bike travel cases, PowerCranks, GPS heart rate monitors and bike computers, cycling power meters and more.

Hyperbaric Chamber

Fitness Concepts owns a hyperbaric chamber, a high-pressure bag which helps an athlete train and race to his potential. By increasing delivery of oxygen to the muscles, this chamber increases fat-burning, decreases lactic acid production, and speeds recovery from strenuous workouts. It can be used before important races and workouts to store extra oxygen in your tissue or afterward to improve recovery.
Hyperbaric Chamber

 Believe it or not, our bodies have no active way of getting oxygen into the blood stream. We simply run the blood very near the air in the lungs and rely on atmospheric pressure to force the oxygen into the blood. The high-pressure atmosphere in the hyperbaric chamber increases the amount of oxygen in the blood. This enriched blood enables the muscles to recover more rapidly from races or hard workouts. The chamber can also be useful before races or hard workouts, causing the body to supersaturate with oxygen which can then be used during the event.

Two Altitude Tent Systems 

CAT Altitude ChamberCAT-150 Portable Tent System

Train while you sleep.  Reduced oxygen in the air stimulates, among other things, increased red blood cell prod uction.

Vasa Trainer

Vasa TrainerVasa Trainer

The most swim-specific dry-land training.  Using a Vasa Trainer increases local muscular endurance for swimming and is an excellent tool for concentrated work on technique of the catch.

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Metabolic Analyzer

Metabolic AnalyzerUsing the metabolic analyzerMetabolic Analyzer

Tests resting metabolic rate, fat burning, aerobic threshold, and lactate threshold.  Enables maximally efficient workouts.

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Powercranks for cycling trainingPowercranks

Teaching triathletes to pedal efficiently.  Powercranks force the athlete to pedal properly on the upstroke.

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Hyperoxic Training Equipment

Hyperoxic Training EquipmentHyperoxic Training Equipment

Supplemental oxygen enables maximal aerobic overload of the muscles, increasing the benefit of basic endurance, fat-burning, lactate threshold, and aerobic capacity workouts.

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CompuTrainer CompuTrainer provides the most interesting indoor bike experience yet created. It increases your cycling power by 20 to 30% and your speed by 2 to 4 MPH. Whatever your starting point, you’ll improve significantly.

CompuTrainer is best indoor bike trainer by a wide margin. It sets the industry standard for accuracy (± 2.5%), power (1500 watts), quality, and service lifetime (10+ years). Exclusive performance features like SpinScan™ electronic pedal stroke analysis and Adjustable Aerodynamic Drag Factor are unique to CompuTrainer. Cycling and triathlon coaches worldwide use CompuTrainer as their primary testing instrument. USA Triathlon, USA Cycling, and the Canadian Cycling Association test and train their team athletes with CompuTrainer.

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PowerlungPowerlung is a hand held device used to train the respiratory muscles.  An athlete breathes through the device, which has adjustable resistance for inhaling and exhaling.  Like weight training for the lungs, the Powerlung is a useful tool for endurance athletes, increasing the strength and efficiency of the lungs and improving endurance performance.

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Underwater Video Analysis

Underwater Video Swim AnalysisUnderwater Video Equipment

We use video heavily in our teaching of efficient swim technique.  Being able to see the movements is of tremendous benefit when learning new techniques and changes to your technique.

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